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Strategic Marketing Roadmap

Deliverables (40 days post payment)

Industry Insights

  • Industry Trends and Challenges
  • The Brand’s Opportunities
  • Competitor Reviews and Insights


  • The Value Proposition
  • Brand North Star and Purpose
  • Brand Messaging, Proposed Brand Stories and Tagline Options Brand Attributes, Brand Tone of Voice and Personality
  • Key Visual Recommendations – Brand Imagery & Photography

Go to Market Strategy

  • Marketing Framework
  • Target Audience Insights and Personas
  • Website/App Marketing Strategies
  • ASO/SEO Insights and Keyword Recommendations
  • Google Advertising and Offline (TV/Radio) Advertising
  • Social Media Approach and Influencer Marketing Strategies
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Growth Insights and PR Strategy
  • High Level Marketing Rollout Calendar

Brand Guidelines

Deliverables (30 days post payment)

To help ensure brand consistency across all of a business' visual elements, The GMV Team can create brand identity logos and a brand guidelines document that includes:

  • Design of 6 options for a main logo (with 1 round of changes/feedback)
  • Design of final logo, plus usage and variations
  • Color palettes
  • Primary and secondary fonts/typography use
  • Favicons and social media icons
  • Iconography design and usage
  • Photography/imagery styles and recommendations
  • Visual element guidelines (illustration and photography)
  • Rules, execution, Do’s and Don’ts

This will be presented in a 40-50 page designed brand PDF guideline document. With a view to ensure internal and external partners create the brand’s designs and elements correctly. The final files will also be made available as high resolution print ready pngs, illustrator and jpegs.

Content Strategy

Deliverables (40 days post payment)

Many clients have found this invaluable and have said they wished they'd began with this content blueprint as it sets the direction for everyone on board and helps save on confusion and needless costs.

The creation of a very succinct content strategy to ensure all the brand’s online content is up-to-date, innovative, engaging, strong and on message.


  • Content strategy for 2 platforms (FB & IG)
  • Website content ideas (no copy/layouts, just top line considerations for content)
  • Content audit approach
  • Tech stack audit approach


  • Hashtag strategy
  • 3 x monthly content themes/pillars
  • Content examples


  • Distribution – Tools, Platforms, Processes, Tactics
  • Calendars – Cadence, Calendar types
  • Ongoing content writing agency recommendations
  • Measurement and Next Steps

Team Development

Utilizing GMV resources and team to provide the following:

Product Specialists

  • The Product Specialists are responsible for selling cannabis products and manufacturing services to new accounts to achieve sales targets, developing new sales in these accounts by monitoring customer’s existing projects for
    successful completion to stated goals, and proposing related and new
    services as they monitor accounts needs for future needs.

Industry Relationship Specialists

  • A deep connection to all underground/legacy cannabis brands. We target those relationships and bring them to the legal market with white labeling or co-packing agreements.

VP of Sales

  • The primary responsibility for this role is to build you a high-performance sales team structured to engage with a range of customers from multi-state operators to individual owner-operators and utilizing a metric-driven project pursuit process anchored in customer engagement systems (CRM). We will hold weekly (high level) sales meetings with the client’s C-level suite to discuss performance, growth metrics, and forecasts.

Communication Specialist

  • The Communication Specialist will be the liaison between your company and its current and potential customers. Primary responsibilities include solving customer issues, complaints and inquiries; keeping customer satisfaction at the core of every decision and behavior.
  • A Communication Specialist oversees answering customer calls, listening to their concerns, and solving problems. They handle both inbound and outbound phone conversations with clients to make sure everyone quickly gets the help they need.

Content Creator

  • The content creator works in conjunction with the Social Media manager in creating content for Green Market Ventures, Cannabis Development, and their partnered brands for social media posts.
  • They will develop an understanding of the market and provide a competitive analysis report each month and create and maintain a monthly content calendar.

Social Media Managers

The Social Media Manager’s job focuses on increasing brand awareness through the effective use of social media outlets. A Social Media Manager will be tasked with several key duties, such as:

  • Working with the appropriate personnel to develop social media marketing campaigns
  • Analyzing the company’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements

Website with E-Commerce

E-Commerce UI/UX Customization

  • We design a UI/UX experience that decreases cart abandonment and maximizes conversions by carefully customizing each element of the purchasing process, from the design of the product pages to the functionality of the shopping cart.

Products and Category Architecture

  • Establishing the product and category architecture is the foundational discovery piece for any e-commerce store, as it establishes how products relate to each other, and how customers will search for them.

Search Enhancement

  • When customers come to your site, you want them to be able to search for products, right? We use 3rd party integrations to improve product search function so that your customers can find what they’re looking for, no matter how big your catalog is.

Payment Processing Setup

  • We will setup the website to accept our client’s payment processor of choice, including credit card, gift cards, and new options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Shipping Configuration

  • E-commerce shipping and order processing can be fully customized to client needs, whether you’re handling it yourself or using a drop shipper. We can set free shipping thresholds and show shipping estimates, validate addresses, ship to the customer or offer in-store pickup, handle label printing and returns, and automate package tracking.

POS Integration

  • Our POS integration will link with your inventory management system to ensure the items in stock are accurately reflected on the website.

Social Media Management

Leveraging the LinkedIn profiles of Amber Wilson, Green Marker Ventures, and Cannabis Development create synergy with the Brand’s profile to build name recognition, increase sales, and foster customer loyalty and retention.

  • Create content for Green Market Ventures, Cannabis Development, and their partnered brands for social media posts
  • Provide a competitive analysis report each month
  • Write and review content for websites, social media pages and public communications
  • Optimize Search Engine Optimization driven content and increase the site traffic
  • Increase traffic to the brand’s channels
  • Analyzing the company’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements

Social Media Channel: LinkedIn

In just 3 years, Amber Wilson acquired 31,279 followers on her LinkedIn account.

Trending on #cannabis and being the top 1% engagements of all of LinkedIn

A team of Admins manage the page and perform daily audits, focusing on our target audience. From there, we execute an outreach to schedule meetings with those we have vetted and qualified.

Affiliate Marketing

The path to taking it to the next level: Increased brand visibility and market share caused by the influence of Amber Wilson and the Green Market Ventures team.

Become an industry leader by joining the GMV network, providing your brand instant access to a platform of industry partners that expedite your needs in all cannabis related operational tasks.

Amber’s affiliate platform is a two-way highway, you receive the benefits of working with your affiliate partners and you also become a resource to other members using the brand as an extension resulting in a vast market share for all involved parties.

The affiliate platform is a safe space where you can share new ideas before investing, request input from brand leaders about obstacles you are encountering, or kick back and celebrate with as your brand accomplishes your goals reaches new heights.

Green Market Ventures has the affiliate infrastructure to execute your
organization’s goals. What differentiates us is that we have depth of reach, and trust with industry decision makers. We are the face of these bulk sales and white labeling efforts; thus are able to secure meetings and introductions with people most would not normally have access to, allowing brands to gain entry to the legal market via white labeling or co-packing licensing agreements.

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