Business development and sales consultation for cannabis and CBD brands.

We understand the urgency and need to grab new market shares within the cannabis marketplace.

GMV offers sales and marketing support for Cannabis and CBD companies seeking a true turnkey solution.

Our brand strategist is a talented woman from Australia. She has worked on huge global projects that include Clinique and Google.

Companies GMV has Worked with

GMV has partnered with Companies like canna Donna, Prism Group, and king Solomon to bring the best products and services found in the cannabis industry.

Green Market Ventures Network

The legalization of cannabis is changing the landscape and trajectory of the industry.
GMV takes cannabis brands to new markets. We do so by leveraging our network of 47 licensed operators across 19 states to broker licensing white labeling and co-packing agreements.

Licensed Operators
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King Solomon fertilizers contain essential macro and micro nutrients in a two-part product, streamlined to keep you from paying for several different additives.

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